Jul 6, 2016

living the dream???

This is it lads! It took a lot of short naps, frustrations, disappointments and failures to get me to decide the title for my blog. I created my blog around the month of November 2015, but gradually lost motivation to write for it as I was at that point of my life where I couldn’t decide where my life was heading at. Every 18 year old has to go through this phase where they have no idea what they are doing with life and they eventually lose hope and end up in wrong career which they do not enjoy. But I waited out and took some time off (actually a lot of it), at least making sure I don’t end up In the wrong place.

Not rushing up has lead me to my happy place and the life I always wanted to have which has not only made me decide what career I want to get into but also made me grow as a better person. 2016 has proved a very positive year for me so far and each day has been like I am “living the dream”. All I did was believed in myself and kept patient.

Here I am, sitting on my couch typing my first blog post and excited about this new journey. Yes, getting out your comfort zone can be very tough, people are going to judge you but when you do something for yourself and when there are people who appreciate and love your content, it will eliminate all the negativity and make you feel good, very good. No matter how you are feeling, get up, dress up, show up and make it work because one year from now when you look back you are going to be proud and glad that you initiated your first step.

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